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Downlight – Compact Fluorescent

The body is constructed from rugged high temperature corrosion proof injection-moulded plastic. The fitting assembly snaps together – no nuts, bolts or screws are required to assemble or install. The Vacuum Metallised Reflector is specifically designed to achieve the most efficient light output. High efficiency Semi-Specular (Matt) Reflector finish is also available.
The gearbox assembly is mounted along-side the fitting, and allows for installation into shallow ceiling cavities. It is a well designed tamper proof Gearbox which requires a tool to open.
Quality of the Downlight is ensured by the use of reliable components. All models are equipped with High Quality Electronic Ballasts. All models are tested before dispatch.
Connect to power source. Wind-down arms turn, lower, and secure the fitting when screwed clockwise until tight. Lamps are fitted along with optional Attachment or standard Facia ring with a twist-lock quarter turn. All of the Attachment Accessories can be fitted or exchanged easily after installation.